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Texas Russell Rescue is the Texas group of Russell Rescue, Inc. We are a network of volunteers located throughout Texas who are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming homeless Jack Russell Terriers. We foster them in our homes until we find them their perfect forever home.

Name: Mazie
Location: Tulsa, OK
Sex: Female
Age: 11

This lovely lady is Mazie! She is about 11 years old and is a lively, loving, sweet senior girl! Mazie found herself abandoned back before Christmas. A wonderful foster took her in and is taking good care of her. Mazie has some medical needs that must be addressed before she is ready to find her forever family. Mazie has a mass on her leg about the size of a golf ball from an old injury that needs to be removed so it can heal properly. Currently, there is dead tissue at the site of the injury and it needs to be removed to get rid of an infection. Mazie also needs a dental cleaning and tooth extractions. Mazie has a couple of growths on her skin and one on her rectum. Thankfully, these are not causing any medical issues for her and do not need to be removed. Once Mazie gains a little weight, all these medical needs can be addressed. Mazie has had a rough life of neglect. She has lost some of her muscle mass due to age and neglect and she will more than likely not get that back. Mazie is an elderly little lady who has a “hitch in her get along” but it does not slow her down. She is happy and loving and will feel so much better after having had her medical procedures. For the first time in her life she has someone who cares about her health. She is such a sweet senior girl. She deserves a forever family that will love and care for her for the remainder of her life. Help us make that a reality for this sweet and very special senior girl by designating a donation to Mazie. All donations are tax deductible to the donor. Thank you!

Update 2/2/16:Mazie has been faithfully taking her antibiotics since her last appointment with her doctor on 1/26/16. After taking the medication for a week, the spot on her leg is looking a little bit better. Mazie will follow up with her veterinarian in another week for an exam and we will go from there. Mazie is running up vet bills with each visit. Your tax deductible donations are very much appreciated. Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet senior!
Update 3/16/16:Mazie had her follow up with her veterinarian in late February and her surgery was scheduled. Her doctor said the mass had to come off. She came through the surgery with flying colors! She feels so much better to have that mass off her leg. Mazie got her sutures out on March 10th and her doctor says the incision looks really good. Her foster mom did a great job taking care of her! Mazie is now ready for adoption! She is looking for a family to love her from now on! We value your support and depend on generous donors like yourself. Thank you for helping us to get the medical care for Mazie that she deserves!

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To learn more about Jack Russell’s, please read Bad Dog Talk. A Jack Russell is not the right dog for everyone. Please read Bad Dog Talk carefully to see if a JR is right for you.

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