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Texas Russell Rescue is the Texas group of Russell Rescue, Inc. We are a network of volunteers located throughout Texas who are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming homeless Jack Russell Terriers. We foster them in our homes until we find them their perfect forever home.

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To learn more about Jack Russell’s, please read Bad Dog Talk. A Jack Russell is not the right dog for everyone. Please read Bad Dog Talk carefully to see if a JR is right for you.

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Name: Davey
Location: Seguin, TX
Sex: Male


Davey was picked up as a stray and sat in his concrete kennel for over a week with two broken legs. He needs surgery to have them fixed. His vet estimated that the surgery will be 3,000 dollars. Can anyone give a little terrier boy some help? If you can donate a little to help Davey he would appreciate it. You can donate directly to the vet clinic, Seguin Animal Hospital, 830-379-3821. Or, you can donate online at www.russellrescue.com Davey says thank you


May 27, 2016

Hello All my Fans in Doggy Land!! I am home from the Barking Clinic, and whew!! Glad to be here! It was noisy and I could not get much sleep! All the other dogs and I were so happy to be back together. They sniffed me all over really good and announced me “One of the Pack.” I had a yummy dinner, extra chicken and veggies with my kibble, all my meds and water. Friday morning after more yummies and meds, I had good pees and poos, and some walking around exercise. The docs have fixed up my leg, (compound fracture, like a butterfly break) and I had to have an FHO ( Femoral Head Ostectomy ), but now I am in recovery mode. Can’t do much for six weeks, but then I will be ready to rumble!!! In two weeks I get the staples out, and Aunt Robyn has to do ROM exercises x4 daily. Actually, that is OK, because I get a belly scratch after each time. We may have to do cold packs, and Doctor Leslie says to put a pack of frozen peas on my leg. (..eh?...I thought peas were for eating?) Everyone at the Clinic thinks I am wonderful, and Aunt Robyn does, too. She says I am brave and strong and true, just like a Jack Russell should be. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and support! I will be updating again in a couple of days!

Doggy Licks and Tail wags,


June 4, 2016

Davey says he can't wait to get his stitches out June 10th. He is trying to run and play a little bit, but is still in a little pain. I don't want him to over do. The fractures need time to heal. He is such a lap dog. Snuggling and petting are things he cannot get enough of. Thank all of you for helping this great little guy! Rick and Heather, I will send one more pic.

Thank you !!

June 13, 2016
Davey got his stitches out and I am encouraging him to use his leg more. He is not thrilled about swimming but, I hope he will feel the urge to paddle with all 4 legs. He is a happy loving little boy who does not seem too stressed over my constant  "working" of his leg. 
Stay tuned for another update in a week or so!


June 27, 2016


Look at Davey!!! He is beginning to put his leg down. It still hurts a little bit and he whimpers when Robyn is doing his therapy. When he is running and playing ...and not thinking about it....he uses it! He is getting downright frisky now that he is healthier and no longer in terrible pain. 
Stay tuned for more updates. Someday soon there will be a video of him running full blast after a ball and all 4 feet will be hitting the ground.