Spotlight Dogs

Name: Bridget
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sex: Female
Age: 12-14

Ten years ago Robyn pulled a beautiful little rough coat female out of Austin Animal Control. She was about 5 years old and Robyn named her Bridget. A month later we adopted her to Ginger Jones. Ginger had moved from Houston to Wimberly to get away from the bad weather in Houston. We took Bridget to her home. It was a perfect fit. We heard from Ginger several times after that. She loved Bridget and said she was the perfect fit. Three-four years after that she again got in touch with Robyn. She wanted to give Bridget back. She said she had had some health problems and could not care for Bridget. Robyn told her she would take Bridget back, of course. A few days later Ginger said her “caretaker” would take Bridget. She was relieved that Bridget would be cared for by someone she knew and trusted. Fast forward to April of 2019. Robyn and I got an email from a shelter manager in San Marcos. Someone had picked up an elderly female JRT about 12-14 years old. A picture was attached. I saw a dirty, dejected, bedraggled dog standing there with her head down and her eyes squinted. About 4 or 5 hours later our Facebook admin, Heather, sent us a screenshot of a posting from a woman named Cathleen who was looking for information about a dog in the San Marcos shelter that had a microchip that traced back to an address in Wimberly. She posted her phone number. Robyn called Cathleen. Cathleen told Robyn that she is dedicated to reuniting lost pets and their owners. She works with shelters in the Wimberly/San Marcos area. She wanted to help the senior JRT. After much snooping and checking and digging she had discovered that it was Ginger Jones’ dog. Ginger however had moved back to Houston. Cathleen found Ginger on Facebook. When Cathleen called Ginger to tell her that Bridget was in the San Marcos Shelter Ginger said, “ Call Robyn Reed.” Ginger was shocked to discover that her “caretaker” had betrayed her. As Ginger had suffered a stroke and was partially paralyzed, she could not care for Bridget. She tried hard to be sure her dog was cared for. She had been sending the woman $50 a month for Bridget’s care! Bridget was never cared for. The poor dog had somehow gotten away from the caretaker and wandered off. That is when she was picked up and taken to the shelter. Robyn picked Bridget up the next day. She was bathed, fed, and snuggled in. The next day she got her to the vet. Bridget was sick. Her teeth are so horribly infected that she is nauseated and weak. Most of her teeth will have to be pulled. From now on, Bridget will be cared for. Huge thanks to Cathleen and the shelter manager for going the extra mile for a sweet little old dog. It restores my faith in humanity.

Name: Romeo
Sex: Male
Age: Senior

This little senior guy is Romeo and he was found wandering around all alone.  His finder, a very kind man, took Romeo to a local vet to have him scanned for a microchip.  Romeo did have a microchip and his owner was contacted.  When contacted, he said he didn’t want Romeo anymore because he was old.  The kind man who found Romeo took him home with him.  He contacted Russell Rescue for help and when a foster home opened up, Romeo became one of us.  He has been in a foster home for a few months now.  Recently, he got into a fight with another dog in his foster home and ended up getting bit in multiple places.  Romeo needs your help.  Can you help us pay for the medical attention Romeo needed?  As you can see from the photos, he had a horrific cut on his tummy.  We are expecting the vet bill to be around $1000.  Please help us help Romeo!

Update from Romeo’s foster mom:  Romeo had a checkup at the vet.  I was able to get a couple of photos.  You can see the puncture wound in his upper thigh.  There is a corresponding puncture on the other side.  The redness and swelling are going down, which is great news!  Romeo got to spend a little time in the yard, which he loved!  You can see from the photos that the puncture wounds are starting to heal.  Romeo is feeling almost frisky again and is officially the Backyard Jungle King!  He is still limping, and I have to be very careful when I pick him up, as his torso is still very bruised and sore.  He is such a little piglet.  He never loses his appetite!  He says to tell you thank you for your generous donations!


Name: Dandie
Location: Texas
Sex: Female

Russell Rescue, Inc. first became aware of Dandie in May of 2017.  She was living with an elderly woman in Louisiana.  The woman was not able to care for a 7 month old, energetic puppy like Dandie and was considering dumping her at the canal.  Thankfully for Dandie, her hero named Natalie came along.  Natalie was helping care for the elderly woman and offered to take Dandie to live with her.  She contacted Russell Rescue for help finding Dandie a loving, forever home.  Amy, a volunteer with Russell Rescue, offered to foster Dandie.  Amy lives in Austin, Texas so the arrangements for transporting Dandie to her began.  After many phone calls and emails, we had a plan!

On June, 3rd the fun began!  Several awesome volunteers all agreed to drive legs of the trip to get little Dandie to her foster home.  The journey began early in the morning in Louisiana with Michael and Natalie meeting.  Natalie said a bittersweet goodbye to Dandie, and Michael headed to meet up with the next volunteer.  Michael arrived and met Patti a little East of Houston, Texas.  Little Dandie headed off to the next stop.  Traffic through Houston was awful, but Dandie was snuggled down in her crate with no worries!  Onward West to Columbus, Texas!  Patti met Janet in Columbus and handed off Dandie to her.  After some puppy hugs and kisses, Janet loaded up Dandie in her crate and headed off to Bastrop, Texas.  Almost there!  Of course, no trip is complete without a stop at Buc-ee’s!  The lines were terrible!  Dandie arrived in Bastop to meet her foster mom Amy.  They were ready to make the last leg of the trip.  Amy and Dandie headed home to Austin where they arrived safe and sound!  Dandie was glad to be out of the crate!  She settled in and met her new JRT buddy Austin.  It sure does feel good to be home!  You can tell by the smile on Dandie’s face! 

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this possible for Dandie!  It takes a village to save these little Jack Russell’s.  We have a great village!

Dandie will be available for adoption soon and will be posted on &  Check it out!  

Name: Santa Paws Fundraiser
Location: Texas
Sex: Male/Female
Age: All

Thank you so much to all of you who are participating in the Santa Paws program. We appreciate you giving these JRT’s in foster homes a package under the tree for Christmas. You have made their Christmas so special, as they wait to find their forever families. All these JRT’s are available for adoption and our adoption application can be found here or at Thank you again Santa Paws! We love you!